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Company Thermotech specializes in manufacturing of EPS polystyrene boards for the purpose of thermal building insulations. Our company’s goal is to provide the highest-quality products as well as sharing knowledge and experience in the field of thermal insulation in the construction trade.

Thermotech is a polystyrene manufacturer for demanding and aware Clients. Our experienced team of qualified employees manages the correct manufacturing process and maintains high standards. Thorough knowledge in the field of thermal management as well as our modern machine park allow us to cope with ever higher requirements and standards. Since the beginning of our operations we have been betting on quality and professionalism. This is exactly why our offer includes only perfect-quality polystyrene boards, which meet the highest national and global standards. In our care for the natural environment, our manufacturing process meets the valid ecological standards.

EPS polystyrene is currently the most optimal insulation material for internal and external use available. Thanks to its economical, efficiency and ecological values it is commonly adopted in modern construction projects. More information on the properties and applications of EPS polystyrene here.

Our everyday work builds a better future.

Why us?

Both our products and our whole offer are adjusted to meet environmental and technical standards so that you can take advantage of saving the energy and you can create a better and greener surrounding. Caring for the minimal damage to the natural environment and supporting the economical management of the thermal energy we create construction stryrofoam blocks with properties adjusted to meet all the current standards.

At our Client’s disposal also are specialists in the field of constructions, who will answer any and all questions as well as advise you on the type of polystyrene boards and construction materials are best to be used.


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Units 5,6,7 Raystown Business Park, Ratoath, Co. Meath, Irlandia
+353 1 825 4177
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