Milled Overlap Polystyrene
There are two types of polystyrene boards: with smooth edges (smooth polystyrene) and polystyrene finished with appendages (milled polystyrene). The advantage of milled boards over smooth boards is the easiness and quickness of fitting. Straight polystyrene boards are mounted to the wall with the use of glue or foam, tightly pressing them against each other with their edges, and any fissures are filled with polyurethane foam. They can also be attached with bolts.
Almost all kinds of smooth boards from 50 mm to 200 mm may additionally be milled to the depth of 20 mm. This allows overlapped or interlocking placement of boards, even better limiting the leakage of warm air from the rooms. Milling eliminates the so-called thermal bridges on board connections (places, from where heat escapes) and it is recommended in the case of boards with thickness of up to 200 mm.
The price of milled boards is higher than that of standard boards, however in the course of performance of thermal insulation there is no need to use foams filling fissures, since milled boards overlap.
In the case of non-standard board sizes the price is determined individually.
Sloped Polystyrene for Roofs
Roof wedges - used for insulation and obtainment of slope on flat roofs in order to discharge water. Roof slopes are necessary for effective water discharge from its hipped ends.
Polystyrene slope boards are the technical and economical alternative to the slope layer previously performed with the use in-situ screeds. The application of polystyrene slope boards significantly decreases the time for performance of roofing works.
Maximum dimensions 3000/1200/1000 mm.
We elaborate individual slope solutions for roofs and terraces based on the building’s executive design.
Plug Polystyrene
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